Dear friends!


      We are approaching an important date - the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the end of the World War II in Europe.

     This war changed the course of world history, the fate of people and the political map. Our people jointly with the allies resisted fierce attacks of the Nazi regime. At the cost of huge losses, we managed to survive and win.

      Victory Day, which is celebrated in our country on May 9 as the most important holiday, keeps the memory of the heroic act of the people.

      In this regard, the Russian Embassy in Belgium and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels are launching a joint online project dedicated to this important date, by opening specialized sections on their websites.

      The Embassy website presents electronic collections of photographs from the TASS news agency archive and the Russian State Film and Photo Archive. Visitors of the section also have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the information on the presentation of the commemorative medals "75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945" to soviet veterans living in Belgium.

       We also invite everyone to pay tribute to the Soviet prisoners of war and to the participants of the Belgian resistance movement who died in the territory of the Kingdom (an interactive map of the tombs is available here).

      At the same time, the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Brussels is launching its specialized section. Here, you can participate in the action "Immortal Regiment without borders" in Belgium, see the electronic exhibitions of archive photographs and documents on the liberation of Europe, participate in the literary and musical competitions "Remember the Victory" and “Songs of the Victory".

      The Russian Center for Science and Culture of Brussels is organizing premiere screening in Belgium of films about war from the legendary collection of the national cinema archives of Gosfilmofond, released before 1949. These are unique and unknown films created by witnesses.