Russian-Belgian political consultations, October 16

    On October 16, Russian-Belgian political consultations took place in Brussels. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko and Director General for Bilateral Affairs of the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs Anick Van Calster thoroughly discussed various aspects of cooperation  in political, trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian fields. They reiterated mutual desire to continue preparations for the next meeting of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between Russia and Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union.

    They exchanged views on a broad range of international issues, taking into account Belgium's participation in the work of the UN Security Council. They touched upon, in particular, various aspects of the situation on the European continent, as well as developments in the Middle East and Africa.

    When discussing the situation around Nagorno-Karabakh, they emphasised the need to immediately end the armed confrontation in accordance with  the Moscow Statement by the Foreign Ministers of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia of October 10.