Press release on the Foreign Ministry’s report on the glorification of Nazism and manifestations of neo-Nazism and racism

    The Foreign Ministry has prepared a regular report on the glorification of Nazism, the spread of neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. The report describes the increasing manifestations of neo-Nazism that are taking place in some European countries, the United States and Canada. In some cases, it is being actively encouraged by the authorities in these states.

   This year we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and World War II. The Nuremberg Tribunal reached its conclusions about the war. Confirmed by the UN General Assembly later on, the conclusions were unanimous and categorical: attempts to implement in practice one of the ideological foundations of national socialism – the theory of racial superiority – resulted in the loss of tens of millions of lives and brought untold suffering to people all over the world.

   Regrettably, today the world is seeing malicious efforts to change the truth about this tragic period of human history, to mislead current generations. Some countries are pursuing a purposeful policy on justifying and glorifying Nazi criminals and their accomplices – those who created and implemented racial superiority theory. In the process, the collaborationists who cooperated with the Nazis are called heroes and participants in a national liberation movement.

   At the same time, politicians in some Western and East European countries have unleashed a campaign against monuments and memorials at the collective graves of Red Army soldiers and anti-Nazis who perished in the battles to liberate these states from Nazism. Indicatively, some countries have gone even further and openly installed monuments in honour of Nazis and their collaborators. They are spreading a disrespectful, sacrilegious attitude to the memory of the liberators, something that was difficult to imagine not long ago.

   Sadly, all these campaigns are actively launched in a year when the international community could jointly celebrate the 75th anniversary of Victory over Nazism.   

   It is also regrettable that the historical past is increasingly often sacrificed to fleeting political interests. Deliberate attempts to review history, especially WWII, are developing into a consistent policy of falsification and distortion of history, and undisguised “historical aggression” against Russia. They are leading to the revision of the results of WWII, detraction and even distortion of the USSR’s role in the victory over Nazism and fascism. The organisers of these campaigns are imposing on the public the idea of equal responsibility of the Nazi regime that was qualified as criminal by the Nuremberg Tribunal and the USSR, a state that was one of the main members of the anti-Hitler coalition and a UN founder. They are distorting unseemly episodes of Europe’s prewar history, such as Austria’s Anschluss and the Munich conspiracy.

    In contrast to these undermining trends, a supplement to the current report quotes statements by the leaders of the USSR’s allies in the anti-Hitler coalition – Britain and the US. These statements are objective and often admiring of the role of the USSR and the Red Army in the victory over Nazism. The logic of the current revisionists suggests a question: Could Winston Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt also falsify facts and distort the history that was unfolding before their eyes?

    We are convinced that the facts of history cannot be swept away. Today, we must do everything we can to prevent the heroic deed of our predecessors from sinking into oblivion. The younger generation must not forget about the consequences of national egotism, disunity and connivance at any manifestation of chauvinism, xenophobia or aggressive nationalism.

    The Foreign Ministry and other Russian agencies are working to preserve the historical truth about WWII. Relying on domestic archives, they are opposing these destructive approaches and striving to prevent the revision of the results of WWII, including the decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal, which are recognised by international law. The current report is part of these efforts.

    Importantly, the absolute majority of the international community shares our position. Every year, the UN General Assembly adopts, by overwhelming majority, the resolution on combating glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and other practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance. This report is based on these tenets.

Source: Russian Foreign Ministry