Trois Ponts

At the municipal cemetery of Trois Ponts, Ivan Kulkov is buried. The stone headboard has an embossed Red Army star and an inscription in French: “Here rests the valiant son of the USSR, Russian partisan Kulikov [Kulkov] Ivan, born on 1924 in Kuybyshev. Tragically died on December 9, 1943, during the execution of partisan operation.” The text is reproduced in Russian on a separate stone slab lying on the grave. 


Ivan Aleksandrovich KULKOV was born in 1923 in a peasant family in the village of Dubovy Umet, Kuybyshev region. The end of high school coincided with the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. In March 1942 he was called up for military service and sent to courses for aircraft radio gunners. In 1943, his course was transferred to Stalingrad, where in June of the same year, a common soldier Ivan Kulkov at the age of 19 was reported missing.

However, I. Kulkov was not killed in Stalingrad, he was captured. After the transfer from camp to camp, he found himself on the quarries just outside the town of Liège. He unsuccessfully attempted to escape twice. After the second attempt he was severely beaten and miraculously survived. In captivity, he was cared for by Dmitry Dremlyuk, who treated Ivan as a son. The third time they escaped together. Having jumped on a freight train, and they managed to leave for the mountainous region of Belgium, the Ardennes. Then they got to the house of the train operator who was driving this train and whose son was with the partisans. So they both appeared in one of partisan units under the general superintendence of the communist Jean-François Kollar. In this area, there were several partisan units containing Soviet partisans, including a unit under the superintendence of the legendary Evgeniy Dotsenko.

On December 9, 1943, a partisan group with the participation of Ivan Kulkov, Dmitriy Dremlyuk and a Belgian Joseph Piron blasted a railway bridge. Then it raided the house of a police provocateur, where it was ambushed. Ivan Kulkov was mortally wounded in action. He was only 20 years old.



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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that spelling of the names, surnames and places of birth of Soviet citizens buried in Belgium may be distorted due to the fact that they are quite often written only in Flemish and French in registration books and on monuments.

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