In Comblain-au-Pont (province of Liege), A. Stepanov and E. Dotsenko, former prisoners of war who participated in the Belgian Resistance and died in 1944 in the vicinity of the city, are buried.

The graves are concreted, the gravestones have granite plates with inscriptions

“Ici repose Anatole Stepanov 1910–1944. Leningrad” (“Here lies Anatoly Stepanov 1910–1944. Leningrad”)

and “Commandant de l’Armee Sovietique Evgueni Dotsenko 18.11.1912–01.04.44, mort dans la lutte contre le fascisme Allemand” (“Commander of the Soviet Army, Evgeny Dotsenko 18.11.1912–01.04.44, died in the fight against Nazi Germany”).


Both burials are located on the central passageway near the metal memorial stele (sculptor A. Burganov) with inscriptions in French and Russian: “To the Belgian patriots and Soviet soldiers who fought in the Belgian guerrilla army in 1941–1944”.


The memorial sign made by the sculptor A.Burganov was fixed in 1990 in memory of the Soviet partisans who died in the Ardennes, fighting in the ranks of the Belgian Resistance.  


The monument Stone in memory of Resistance was unveiled on June 14, 2014. The opening was attended by representatives of the Leningrad region.

The monument was erected at the place of death of the Soviet Lieutenant A. Stepanov, who died after four-hour torture by the SS. He died without betraying his comrades, partisans from the city of Comblain-au-Pont, members of the Belgian Resistance.





On March 30 2019 in the town of Comblain-au-Pont, a ceremony was held to unveil a memorial plaque dedicated to Soviet officer Evgeniy Dotsenko, who fought in the ranks of the Belgian Resistance and died during the Second World War. The event was organized by the Historical Society of Veterans from Ourthe-Amblève, with the support of the local administration, the Russian Embassy in Belgium and "Meridian" organization.


Annual memorial ceremonies













2011 г.


Крайняя слева - вдова Е.Доценко, крайний справа - бывший советский партизан И.А.Терехов
Photos of the I.Terekhov's private archives

Dear visitors,

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that spelling of the names, surnames and places of birth of Soviet citizens buried in Belgium may be distorted due to the fact that they are quite often written only in Flemish and French in registration books and on monuments.

We thank the Brussels-Belgian Archdiocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, the organizations of Russian compatriots and Russian foreign institutions accredited in Belgium for providing photos and their efforts to preserve the memory of the heroism of the Soviet soldiers who fell in the Great Patriotic War.

The Embassy will be grateful for providing any information and photos of Soviet military graves of the Second World War in Belgium and the ceremonies held on them. Please send material to the email address of the Embassy amrusbel@skynet.be with the note «War Graves».