Bruxelles, Evere

At the city cemetery of the Evere commune in Brussels, there are mass graves of those killed during World War II, including Soviet citizens.

On the fenced plot there is a monument to Soviet citizens who died in Belgium, as well as small gravestones with first and last names, dates of birth and death of the fallen. Among the buried, eight graves belong to the Soviet prisoners of war, who died in German camps and during hard labor. 

List of the buried

First and last name

Year and place of birth

Date of death

Dmitry Yakovlev

Podporoshki, Leningrad region


Nikolay Stepanenko

18.05.1908, Poltava
Residence: ul. Engelsa 34, Krasnodar


Palamashnyuk (or Palamaschuk)

Besserabia, Mogliv


Fyodor Fyodorovich Titorov



Ilya Alekseevich Gotovtsev

1916, Yakutsk


Yakov Yurgov (or Zhurgov)


A. Alpenko


F. Evelob, sergeant



The monument is a slab located on a low concrete base. The inscription on the monument “To the Soviet citizens who died for the liberation of Belgium” is executed in three languages (Russian, French and Flemish). The monument is not a work of authorship and was commissioned by a private firm. The monument was erected in 1999.

Annual wreath-laying ceremonies

Every year on Victory Day, May 9, the wreath- and flower-laying ceremonies are held. The event brings together officers, diplomats and administrative and technical staff of Russian Foreign Missions, the representatives (usually Ambassadors or temporary attorneys and military attaches) of the embassies of the CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, military attaches and diplomats of the embassies of the USA and the UK, as well as teachers and students of the Russian School at the Russian Embassy. On behalf of the Belgium, flowers and wreaths are laid by representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, city authorities and veteran organizations.     






2013 г.



Dear visitors,

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that spelling of the names, surnames and places of birth of Soviet citizens buried in Belgium may be distorted due to the fact that they are quite often written only in Flemish and French in registration books and on monuments.

We thank the Brussels-Belgian Archdiocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, the organizations of Russian compatriots and Russian foreign institutions accredited in Belgium for providing photos and their efforts to preserve the memory of the heroism of the Soviet soldiers who fell in the Great Patriotic War.

The Embassy will be grateful for providing any information and photos of Soviet military graves of the Second World War in Belgium and the ceremonies held on them. Please send material to the email address of the Embassy amrusbel@skynet.be with the note «War Graves».