At the municipal cemetery of Awenne, to the South-East of Rochefort, the commune of Saint-Hubert, Luxembourg province there is a grave of a Soviet prisoner of war, Sergey Isakov, who escaped from German captivity and fought in the Belgian Resistance. He died from a gunshot wound on September 15, 1944 in Rochefort, at the age of 29.

The grave is surrounded by a border, covered with small stones, and flowers are planted on it annually. On a concrete gravestone in the form of a cross is the name Serge Isakoff, in French, and years of life, 1915–1944.

The burial was discovered in July 2010.


Sergey Isakov

Sergey Isakov (in Belgian sources – Serge Isakoff) was born in 1915, probably, in the Urals. In Russia, according to reports, he had a wife and children. Was captured by the Germans, was driven to work in Belgium in the village of Mochamps, 6 km away from the city of Champlon and 10 km away from the village of Awenne. S. Isakov escaped from the camp with the help of Resistance fighters, whom he then joined. For many months he was hiding in a dugout shelter built behind the house of a local resident, Marie Minet, Route de Mormot. “In his spare time he was making intricate crafts from scrap materials” (henceforward there are excerpts from the book by Georges Pecheur “Awenne aux portes de l’ardenne”, Edition Histoire Collective, 1998).

In September 1944, he was sent to pick up weapons hidden by the partisans in the town of Belvaux. As a result of an accident, he was wounded in the head by one of his comrades, who took him for the enemy. The wounded man was taken to the hospital in Rochefort, where he died. “Now he rests in the cemetery of Awenne among our people, who accepted him and considered him their comrade,” wrote G. Pecheur in his book.

Together with S. Isakov, one of the Resistance fighters was his friend Mikhail Shalimov (the Belgians called him “Michka”) – a young Soviet soldier who escaped from a German camp in Cologne. After the death of his comrade, M. Shalimov went to the motherland with a firm intention to find Isakov’s family. Since then, there has been no news of him.

Michail Chalimov in Belgian military uniform

S.Isakov's death certificate

L’Ambassade remercie M. Gwennaël Spôte de la ville de Saint-Hubert pour l’information fournie.

The Embassy thanks M. Gwennaël Spôte from the village of Saint-Hubert for the information provided.

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